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Imperial Historical Society published the documents
of a secret Russian Council) that it became clear that the
conspiracy had been more dangerous than Frederick
ever knew. Only when the last drawer was unlocked
did we discover that what required to be explained was
a certain gullibility that Frederick had shown in the
period when the conspiracy was being developed*


The fact that the whole framework of a story Is capable
of transformation as historians work upon it is a matter
of special importance at the present day ; for that history
which is most liable to large-scale structural revision
is contemporary history—the first version of events as
they appear from the special platform of particular
actors in the drama, often indeed a version used for
militant purposes in the conflicts of the time*    It is not
at all clear that, in ways which we cannot predict, we,
like our predecessors, may not have to meet sooner or
later some different reconstruction of our age, which
will challenge our inelasticities of mind and shake the
validity of things that we never thought to question.
And though we can never know in advance what the
course of historical revision is going to be, we can train
ourselves in a certain amount of flexibility, especially
by keeping in mind the alien facts that are recalcitrant
to our present system of orthodoxy.    A slight dis-
crepancy in regard to the perihelion of Mercury—a
discrepancy so small that it was not even measureable